Concept Of Hyperthreading
Concept Of Hyperthreading

What exactly is hyper-threading ,nowhyper-threading may be a technology developed by Intel that increases the performance of the CPU cores .It enables multiple threads which are sequences of instructions to be travel by each core to make the CPU another efficiently and by doing this the CPU can perform more tasks within the same amount of your time so during a nutshell you'll run tons of applications at an equivalent time while maintaining the performance of your computer once you have a hyper threaded .CPU in other words your computer isn't going to hamper now within the beginning . CPU will have a single core during a core may be a unit that reads and executes instructions so later on manufacturers began to add additional cores to a CPU in order that the CPU can read and execute more instructions at a time which dramatically increased the performance .

What is Hyperthreading?

CPU so for instance here we've a dual core CPU which basically means it has two physical processing units on a single chip to further increase the performance of this CPU and to form it faster even more Intel introduced hyper threading so if hyper threading technology was added to this CPU for every physical core . CPU the OS will recognize each physical core as two virtual or logical cores so basically hyper threading virtually doubles the quantity of cores that are on the CPU .so this dual core processor will be recognized as having four cores through the lens of the OS .Now confine mind that hyper threading doesn't double the physical cores within the CPU it only doubles them virtually or logically and since the OS will recognize each physical core as two virtual cores .

OS will schedule or share the workload between them each virtual core are often individually interrupted or directed to execute a selected instruction that's independent of the opposite virtual core so that is the most function of hyper threading .which is to extend the amount of independent instructions in the pipeline and by doing this it'll eliminate any idle time .

 CPU which makes a computer run faster and more efficient it's also important to notice that in order to require advantage of hyper-threading you've got to run applications that cash in of multi-threading technology heavy applications like video editing and video encoding will take full advantage of a hyper threaded CPU but lighter applications like loading a webpageyou're not getting to see much of an advantage of getting a hyper threaded .

CPU hyper threading was first introduced by Intel back in 2002 and debuted on the Intel Pentium for CPU and Xeon processors and remains used today in fact I'm currently using an Intel i7 quad-core CPU on my pc and it also has hyper-threading technology and if I open up my task manager my OS will recognize that I even have four physical cores and eight logical or virtual cores .

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