I forgot to shave as you can see we'll start with the problem statement the problem statement is to predict if a person has diabetes or not and we might start with this prediction statement but if you were actually using this in real case again you would say your high risk of diabetes would be the proper way to present that to somebody .

Real Life Examples Of Artificial Intelligence
Real Life Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

AI In Our Daily Life

If you ran their test data through here but that's very domain-specific which is outside of the problem statement as far as the computer programmers involved so we can have a look at the features these are the things that have been recorded and they already have this data from the hospitals one of them would be number of times pregnant obviously if you're a guy that'd be zero glucose concentration .

So these are people have had their glucose measured blood pressure age age is a big factor an easy thing to look at insulin level so if someone's on insulin they probably have diabetes otherwise they wouldn't be taking insulin but that would affect everything else and we add that in there if they're if they're using insulin let's start off with the code .So we're gonna start off by importing parts of our data set and if we're gonna do this let's jump in to one of our favorite tools we're gonna use the Anaconda, Jupiter notebook .

Let me flip over to there and we'll talk just briefly about that and then we'll look.  over this code so here we are in the Jupiter notebook and this is an inline editor which is just really cool for messing with Python on the fly you can do demos in it it's very visual you can add pieces of code it has cells so you can run each cell individually you can delete them. you can tell the cell to be a comment so that instead of running it it just skips over it it's all kinds of cool things you can do with Jupiter notebook we're not gonna go into that we're actually gonna go with the tensor flow and you do have to import all the different modules in your Python now if you're in a different.

Real Life Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

 Python IDE that's fine they'll work in just about any of your Python IDs and I'll point out the one difference in code when we get to that which is the in line for doing our graph and in this code. we're going to go through we're going to load our data up we're going to explore it we're going to lay and then we'll use the tensorflow and then .

We'll get down to the end where we're gonna take a look at how good the model is does it work so let's start with the top part here and let me go ahead and let's paste that code in there.  I've added a line in at the top .I've added the folder because .

I didn't put it in the same folder as the program that's running you don't need to worry too much about that but if you have a folder issue or says file doesn't exist you probably have it in the wrong folder or you need to add the folder path and then we're gonna import pandas let me just when the cool thing since it's in Internet Chrome we can just do that ctrl + + zoom right in there and we have the import pandas as PD so go ahead and draw a line of there you can see that the pandas as .PD add a little drawing thing in there to make it easier to see pandas is a data set it's a really nice package you can add into your Python usually it's done as pandas .

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